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Three Red Cherries

" . . . Growing up as a kid in the South Wedge area of Rochester, NY, my siblings and I were blessed to have a cherry tree in our back yard. Our summers were filled with picking and eating lots of cherries from our own backyard, and I enjoyed it so much that . . ."

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A Bundle of Fresh Ripe Summer Tomatoes

" . . .Today's painting is a still life of a bundle of fresh ripe summer tomatoes: Very appropriate, I think, for the season. We plan to plant a vegetable garden in our back yard this summer, but . . .  "

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A versatile artist, I'm a fine artist who works in nearly every medium: from oil paint to acrylic paint, and from pastels to pen and ink. My subject matters, for my paintings, range from enchanting landscapes, to charming portraits; from exquisite still life's, to sleek, crisp, and clean abstracts. You can learn more about my art here!

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